What is the Kimono Star?

Skin-to-skin Friendly Baby Wear,

Designed with the Needs of Newborn Babies & Families in Mind. 

The Kimono Star is Made for Family Togetherness.


The Kimono Star is an ‘easy on, easy off’ baby suit designed to encourage the intimate skin to skin contact between a baby and parents. Crafted from GOTs certified organic cotton, the Kimono Star supports the instinctive behaviours of a newborn baby. With its simple and unique oversized shape, there is plenty of space for umbilical cord clips and reusable nappies. 

Manufactured in Yorkshire in small batches, the Kimono Star is available in two sizes, newborn and 0-3 months. Made to be shared and passed down between families and friends; each Kimono Star Set comes in a matching bag with spaces to record each little wearer's name. 

Designed with happiness, warmth and a sense of inner peace in mind, the Kimono Star offers flexibility when it comes to dressing a baby. Whether they are wrapped up beautifully in the delicate pointelle fabric with a matching hat or gently unwrapped and placed against a family member’s chest; the B for Bert Kimono Star makes family bonding simple. 

The B for Bert Kimono Star is a great way to help celebrate baby showers, hospital homecomings and more, it’s an excellent addition to -

Your Hospital Bag - Though it’s not limited to just after birth, the Kimono Star is designed to be used during the first few months or Fourth Trimester. It’s the ideal item to have in your hospital bag and wrap your baby in after birth.

To Establish Feeding - However you choose to feed your baby you will want to make it special, taking the time to really connect with skin-to-skin will create the perfect safe environment to begin your feeding journey.

Father & Sibling Bonding - whilst the bond between a mother and her new baby is undeniably important so too is that between the father & siblings. Making it easy for others to bond with a baby is very special and is a way that a family can really help out in the postpartum period.

A Quick Change - If you need to leave the house or travel whilst your baby is small the Kimono Star can be the perfect spare outfit for a quick change or as an extra layer.

After Bath Time, Swimming & Baby Massage.. 


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