About B for Bert

Woman in white top and sunglasses smiles at the camera whilst nursing her son.

Hello, I'm Emily founder of B for Bert, designer of the Kimono Star & mother to two small people.

B for Bert started whilst I was on maternity leave (with my son Bert). Before the birth of my first child I had heard about skin to skin contact & what a wonderful way it is to bond with your baby, so knew it was something I really wanted to try.

After her arrival I was making the most of the wonderful newborn cuddles but I also felt a great deal of pressure to get her dressed. We were even asked by the midwife if we had brought any clothes for our baby!

Speaking to friends and family it seemed that I wasn't the only one who felt dressing our newborn in a traditional baby grow didn't feel quite right but neither was leaving them in just a nappy.

That is when the Kimono Star was born, it provides the perfect middle ground for clothing your baby whilst keeping them easily accessible for all the cuddles.

At B for Bert, family is at the heart of everything. My hope is that B for Bert products make things just that bit easier for your family.

Simple & Practical 

The Kimono Star® is designed with practicality in mind, the ‘easy on easy off’ concept will make getting your little ones dressed simple, so you can enjoy more time doing the things you love as a family. 

Made in Yorkshire, Made to last

Designed and made here in Yorkshire, I take real pride in not only using the best materials I can but also supporting local manufacturers, building relationships and building our community.

Everything I make is made to last, the quality and design means our products can be shared, handed down and ultimately become a beautiful piece of your family history.

Kind to you and kind to our planet

The fabrics are sourced from UK suppliers, they are all GOTS certified organic & come from sustainable sources. The labels I use are 100% cotton. I only manufacture in small batches and work to keep waste to an absolute minimum. All fabric scraps which are too small to be repurposed are recycled.