Made for Family Bonding

We know that holding our babies skin to skin provides huge health benefits for them and for us.. 


                          A mother is lying down holding her baby on her chest, they are doing skin to skin bonding and the baby is wearing a B for Bert Kimono Star A mother holds her baby to her breast, the baby is wearing a B for Bert Kimono Star   

Babies have a need to be close to their parents, the research shows that the more we bond with our babies the happier they are, helping them to become confident children and adults.

One of the easiest ways to establish a secure bond is by providing skin to skin contact, the smell of your skin, the sound of your heartbeat and the temperature of your body are all familiar to your baby. Providing a familiar surrounding will help calm your baby and smooth their transition from womb to world.

Traditional baby grows can inhibit skin to skin time, tight clothes, snaps & buttons all become a barrier to getting as much skin to skin as possible. 

The Kimono Star® is the perfect practical compromise between wrapping your baby up and keeping them easily accessible. 


                A mother breastfeeds her baby in bed, the baby is wearing a B for Bert organic pointelle cotton knot hat. A baby is semi dressed in a B for Bert Kimono Star, her legs are covered but her arms and chest are free showing how versatile the Kimono Star is.

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