Our Values

I believe in making clothes to last, I want our Kimono Stars to be passed down from siblings to cousins to friends; by doing this not only are you creating beautiful connections but you are helping reduce the number of garments which end up sitting unused in boxes or worse still in landfill. I believe in using the most sustainable fabrics and materials we can and I’m always looking for ways to improve the sustainability of my business. 

The materials and suppliers I choose to work with are carefully selected…. 

I believe in making clothes which don’t just look great but are really practical, Kimono Stars are gender neutral and timeless. They are designed with functionality in mind.


It is important to me that our clothes are designed and made in Yorkshire, I believe that by supporting local business it is helping all of our families and building our community for the future.


B for Bert is a low waste business, making the most from our fabric scraps to reusing packaging. 


If you are at all interested & want to know more about me & the people behind B for Bert have a look at our journal entry.